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Looking for the best florist in Laverton? You’ve found it here at Sarah’s Flowers.

You’ll find the friendly community of Laverton 15km southwest of Melbourne’s CBD near Hoppers Crossing. Located right near the beach at Altona and there is heaps of opportunity for kicking back outdoors. At Sarah’s Flowers we work hard six days a week to deliver the freshest flowers in Laverton. We’re all about quality, service and value. Check out our website and you’ll see bouquets that represent awesome value for money. If you want to brighten up a dreary day or treat a loved one in Laverton, get in touch with Sarah’s Flowers and let us deliver a stunning bouquet on your behalf today.

You’d expect that, as Laverton's most passionate florist, we’d be all over quality like a rash and you’d be right. We know that it’s possible to make flowers on their last legs look good if you know what you’re doing, but that even the most beautifully created arrangement will droop disappointingly if the flowers aren’t fresh. Nobody likes inappropriate droopiness, right? We check every single bloom before we use it, making sure it’s healthy and strong and will look incredible for days. Our bouquets and arrangements last for ages, which is what you want when you’re giving someone a gift. We source our blooms from local suppliers who bring us the finest flowers in the state. Victoria’s flower growers produce world class stock. It’s not hard to get our hands on stunningly fresh blossoms, so why some florists insist on using imported ones that cost more and don’t last as long is beyond us. We receive regular stock of all your favourite flowers from lilies and gerberas to native Australian wildflowers, orchids and irises.

It’s your anniversary tomorrow and, as usual, you’ve left gift shopping until the last minute. It’s not that you don’t love your missus, it’s just that you never know what to get her. A new baby and having to wait a week until payday means you don’t have as much to spend as you’d like, but that’s not a problem at Sarah’s Flowers. Our prices are cheap but our Laverton flowers are definitely not. You can get an armful of beautiful colour and fragrance for less than it would cost for a decent meal! Long stemmed red roses are traditional for romantic occasions like an anniversary or Valentine’s Day, but our range is full of first class flowers of all colours and types. Go bold with Sunset Blend or Orange Blossom, pretty with Cottage Bouquet or Pastel Pink, or for over the top glamour with Tropical Orchids or Lush Lilies. Our catalogue of styles covers all your pressie giving occasions including Mother’s Day, birthdays, saying “thanks” or “sorry”, celebrating a new baby, and showing support if a loved one is going through a tough time. You can order online, via our mobile site, or by calling us directly. When you it by 2pm, or 10am on Saturday, you’ll have the option of same day flower delivery to Laverton at our normal low delivery rate. There’s no need to dither indecisively over what to get, and no need to panic when you run out of time. Sarah’s Flowers has it covered.

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